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Author. Editor. Performer. Christ child. Queen & priestess. Entreprenartist. Singer. Poet. Geek.

Tiffany is not only a voracious reader and an exceptional performer but a professional writer and editor. Tiffany earned her MA in Transformative Language Arts from Goddard College and continues her quest to use her word-art as a facilitator of social commentary and change through community involvement in her hometown area of San Diego. In her first book of poetry, Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties, published by A Word With You Press, she shares verbal vignettes of dreams, experiences, perspectives, and people. She’s been a part of the San Diego Book Awards since 2015 and is honored to lead this local organization of scribes and readers. Tiffany is also a San Diego Kingdom Writers Association Vision Lead, a member of ASCAP, The National Forensics League, and a writer and editor for blogs and online magazines.

She’s the quintessential Renaissance Gal.



David Grant Urban is a San Diego native who has done a little of everything in life but prefers writing most of all. At nineteen he bicycled border to border and lived briefly in Vancouver, Canada, before traveling coast to coast by train several times. Out of money, he lived and worked in New Orleans for a year before returning home. Back in San Diego he lived aboard a sailboat a few years, started a chemical compounding firm, worked his way through college, and spent far too many years working in retail. He is the author of the noir thriller, “A Line Intersected,” published by Fat Dog Books, California. Dave currently lives in San Marcos, California, and is quietly at work on another novel and a volume of short stories.





Monett Hereford comes from an accounting background and is honored to bring her talents and time to the San Diego Book Awards Association. She serves on the Board of Directors for multiple organizations and has a vision for nonprofit success. Monett has made it her business to dig deep and hold her boards to the highest standard of excellence and accountability.