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Geisel Award

Best Published Book
The Belief in Angels
J. Dylan Yates


Best Unpublished Memoir
That Hidden Road
Rocco Versaci

Getting Rid of Ian – Penelope James
When West Meets East, A Year in Asia on Our Own – Muriel R. Sandy

Best Unpublished Novel
Digital Dick
John Mullen

Deadly Little Secrets – Marcia Buompensiero
The Lost Diaries of Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Sarah Bates

Best Unpublished Novel for Children/Young Adult
Linda Kao

What Fire Can’t Burn – Anne Bromley
The Edge of Brilliance – Susan Traugh

Best Unpublished Short Story
Women in a Time
Jane Williams

Invoking the Fifth – Frank Primiano
Woodtick – Cathy Worthington

Best Unpublished Poetry Chapbook
Sleep While the Baby Sleeps
Jackleen Holton Hookway

When Water Tasted True – Megan Webster
Table – Kayla Krut

Published Fiction

Best Published Children’s Book
Odus and the Long Way Home
Dare DeLano

Secrets of the Flame: The Power to Protect – Cindy Schuricht
Sophie and Scottie’s Adventures of the Monarch Mystery – Cindy C. Murray

Best Published Picture Book
The Lonely Little Bumbershoot
Jeff and Brenda Edwards
Brise Birdsong (Illustrator)

Weeds Find A Way – Cindy Jenson-Elliot
Tina Tumbles – Danielle Soucy Mills

Best Published YA Novel
Mirror X
Karri Thompson

The Union – TH Hernandez
House of Many Doors – Ian Richards
The Joy of Stealing Paris – Janet Simpson

Best Published Poetry
A Strange Summer
Chris Vannoy

Just Enough Clothes – Harry Griswold
Magee Park Poets Anthology

Best Published Contemporary Fiction
Forest of Fortune
Jim Ruland

The Second Crack – Chelo Diaz-Ludden
Tell Me of Brave Woman – Laura Maren Riley

Best Published General Fiction
The Belief in Angels
J. Dylan Yates

The Chamber and the Cross – Lisa Shapiro and Deborah Reed
Coming in Second – Bobbe Tatreau

Best Published Historical Fiction
Favorite Daughter, Part One
Paula Margulies

Stone Woman
Mike Sirota

The Mapmaker’s Daughter – Laurel Corona
A Fall of Marigolds – Susan Meissner

Best Published Romance
Terror in the Gulf, a Love Story
Dan Feltham

A More Perfect Union – RW Richard
Legacy – Philip Shafer
Hello Again – Karen Truesdell Riehl

Best Published SciFi
Angel City Blues
Jeff Edwards

Eden: A Sci-Fi Novella – Martin Roy Hill
DreamLand – Ken Reeth and Matthew Pallamary

Best Published Fantasy
The Stones of Kaldaar
Tameri Etherton

Pax Azteca – Randal Doering
Cast Into Darkness – Janet Tait

Best Published Anthology/Short Story Collection
The Family Cannon
Halina Duraj

A Short Walk to the Other Side – Matthew Pallamary
What Happened Here – Bonnie ZoBell

Best Published Action/Thriller
Con Game
Terry Ambrose

The Hunt Club – Bob Feinstein
Sunshine or Lead – Adam Van Susteren

Best Published Mystery
Pure Lies
Lynne Kennedy

The Advocate’s Felony
Teresa Burrell

Death is Like a Box of Chocolates – Kathy Aarons
Dare the Devil – Roger Conlee
Rode to Death – Susan Union

Published Nonfiction

Best Children’s Nonfiction
Imaginations 2
Carolyn Clarke

John Knox – Simonetta Carr
Jonathan Edwards – Simonetta Carr
Torrey Pines Summer – Alice Michael Evans

Best Published Nonfiction: History and Biography
Encyclopedia Walking
Jon Kanis

You Can’t Leave Me Now – Laura McNeal
American Trivia Quiz Book – Richard Lederer and Caroline McCullagh

Best Published Nonfiction Military and Politics
Helga: Growing Up in Hitler’s Germany
Karen Truesdell Riehl

Shift: The Beginning of War – Judith Hand
Night Moves – Marshall Lubin

Best Published Memoir
Giving the Finger
Capt. Scott Campbell, Jr. with Jim Ruland

I’m Not Chinese
Raymond M. Wong

Dust Tea, Dingoes, and Dragons – FR Hemphill
Diary of a Diva – Barbarella Fokos

Best Published Local Interest
Ocean Beach (Images of America)
Ocean Beach Historical Society (Jonnie Wilson and Kathy Blavatt, eds.)

The Real World of Mission San Luis Rey – Jim Downs
San Diego Italian Food – Maria Desiderata Montana

Best Cookbook
Two Chefs, One Catch: A Culinary Exploration of Seafood (Flying Pans)
Bernard Guillas and Ronald Oliver

Best Published Self-Help and Psychology
Young Person’s Guide to Wisdom
Brian Gahran

Your Brain and Law School – Marybeth Herald
Murder Survivor’s Handbook – Connie Saindon

Best Published Health and Medicine
Grow Young with Your Dog
Mary Debono

Love Yourself Fit – Lisa Nordquist
Sage Nighttime Parenting – Rachel Rainbolt

Best Published Spiritual and Inspirational
Revenge of a Catholic Schoolboy
Victor Villasenor

Awakenings – James Banks
Dr. and Master Sha Miracle Soul Theater – William Gladstone

Best Published Business
Writing New Adult Fiction
Deborah Halverson

Your Mind on Marketing -Judith Balain
Plotting the Course: Life Lessons from the Sport of Sailing – Rick Arneson