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SDBA Finalists for 20174 soon to be announced

Unpublished Memoirs
A Few Minor Adjustments by Cherie Kephart
Too Lazy to be Satan by Suzana Norberg

Unpublished Novels for Children
The Bremtu Prophecy by David Applegate

Unpublished Novels
My Life as a Cactus by Diane Asitimbay
Angels on Horseback by Paula Bonilla
In the Shadow of the Prophet by Aida Dennehy

Unpublished Poetry
Black and Blue by Stephen Gold
The Influence of Excrement Upon History by Robert Thomas Lundy
The Station by Kayla Krut

Unpublished Short Stories
By The Light of the Moon by Larry Edwards
The Last Fisherwoman of Anemone Island by Megan Elliott
An Attention Getter by John McGuinness

Published Business
Coffee Spanish for Coffee Buyers: A Field Guide by Andy Newborn
Enlightened Negotiation by Mehrad Nazari, PhD, MBA

Published Children’s Fiction 
Kathryn The Grape‘s Kindness Confetti by Kathryn Cloward and Samantha Prince
Ajax Bound For Glory by Sarah E. Dautel
Kathryn The Grape’s Colorful Journey by Kathryn Cloward

Published Children’s Nonfiction
Samurai; A Feral Kitten’s Journey to Find A Home by Rosemary Wood
Imaginations 3: Guided Meditations & Yoga for Kids by Carolyn Clarke
Michelangelo by Simonetta Carr

Published Contemporary Fiction
The Dining Car by Eric Peterson
The Tongues of Dying Men by H.G. Field

Published Cookbook
A Promenade Through Jean-Paul’s Kitchen by Jean-Paul Weber

Published General Fiction
Where I Lost Her by T. Greenwood
Casualties by Elizabeth Marro
Gifts Unexpected by T.C. Grant

Published General Nonfiction
Wild Women, Wild Voices by Judy Reeves
Virginia City: To Dance With the Devil by Nicholas Clapp

Published General Romance
Autumn Breeze by Robert Richard

Published Historical Fiction
Four Nails by George Berger
Lorenzo’s Assassin by John Van Roekel
The Hamilton Affair by Elizabeth Cobbs
Mary, Chosen of God by Diana Wallis Taylor

Published Historical Romance
To Tame the Wind by Regan Walker

Published History
Blood of the Band: An Ipai Family Story by David L Toler, Jr.
The Equine Legacy: How Horses, Mules and Donkeys Shaped America by C.S. Purdy
Vanished Hero: The Life, War and Mysterious Disappearance of America’s World War II Strafing King by Jay Stout

Published Health
No Finalists

Published Horror
No Finalists

Published Local Interest 
Cabrillo National Monument by Bill Griswold
Let It Rock by Seth Mallios and Jaime Lennox
Take a Hike: San Diego County by Priscilla Lister

Published Memoir
Sunshine by Lee Silber
Getting Rid of Ian by Penelope James
The Last Road Rebel by Robert Gilberg
A Foreign Affair by Amanda Matti

Published Military/Political
Hell’s Angels: The True Story of the 303rd by Jay Stout
A Primal Wisdom: Nature’s Unification of Cooperation & Competition  by V. Frank Asaro
Incoming: Veteran Writers on Coming Home  by Justin Hudnall (ed.)

Published Mysteries
Tracker: A Fox Walker Novel by Indy Quillen
The Last Four Digits by Julie Leo
Sumerland by M. Lee Buompensiero

Published Poetry
The Sky Is Not the Limit by R.T. Sedgwick
Tender Collisions by Marianne Smith Johnson
Miss Desert Inn by Ron Salisbury

Published Self Help/Psychology
Seth, Our Journey Through Addiction, Heartbreak and Hope by Karin Murphy
Your Living Legacy: How Your Parenting Style Shapes the Future for You and Your Child by Shelli Chosak, PhD
Next! A Matchmaker’s Guide to Finding Mr. Right, Ditching Mr. Wrong, and Everything In Between by Barbara Summers with Carey Blakely

Published Science
Social Solutions for Climate Change by Sherry Nouraini, PhD
Aloes & Agaves in Cultivation by Jeff Moore

Published Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The Glass Gargoyle by Marie Andreas
The Cave Maze by C. A. A. Allen
Phoenix Dawn: All These Worlds are Yours by Dan Letchworth

Published Short Stories (Anthologies)
Qudeen the Magnificent by Patricia D. Benke

Published Spiritual/Inspiration
Bone Tales: Stories of the California Desert by Naomi Lake

Published Suspense Fiction
The Smallest of Waves by Janice Coy
A Voice From the Field by Neal Griffin
The Kaleidoscope by BK Nault

Published Young Adult Fiction
Dragon Camp by Cate Sheperd
The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones by Dominic Carrillo
Violet Ribbons by Veronica Sirkis Dunning with Iberia Dunning