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Please help celebrate the 2019 winners
of the
San Diego Book Awards!

Best Unpublished Children/YA Novel
The Rainmaker’s Secret by Judy McSweeney

Best Unpublished Memoir

Best Unpublished Novels

Best Unpublished Poetry Chapbook
The Living Come Find Me by Erica Blunt

Best Unpublished Short Story
Fair Game by Judy McSweeney

Best Published Anthology
Magic, Mystery & Murder by Cornelia Feye & Tamara Merrill

Best Published Biography/Autobiography
Brain XP by Christine Marie Frey

Best Published Business
Supportive Accountability by Sylvia Melena

Best Published Children’s Fiction
Oceanside Adventures by Nancy Glen & Julia Glen

Best Published Children’s Nonfiction
Cleopatra and Ancient Egypt for Kids by Simonetta Carr

Best Published Children’s Picture Books
Benji, The Bad Day & Me by Sally J. Pla

Best Published General Nonfiction
War and Sex and Human Destiny by Judith L. Hand

Best Published Historical Fiction
Without Warning by Thomas C. Sanger

Best Published Inspiration/Self-Help/Spiritual
Knowing by Shawna Allard

Best Published Local Interest
San Diego Mamma Atlas by Scott Tremor

Best Published Mainstream Fiction
A Bridge Across the Ocean by Susan Meissner

Best Published Memoir
A Few Minor Adjustments by Cherie Kephart

Best Published Mystery/Suspense
Rust & Stardust by Tammy Greenwood

Best Published Poetry
How to Pull Apart the Earth by Karla Cordero

Best Published Romance
Alchemy’s Hunger by Cynthia Diamond

Best Published Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Holy Crap! The World is Ending! by Anne-Marie Abell

Best Published Travel
The Long Way Back by Lois Joy Hoffman

Best Published Young Adult
Now I Rise by Kiersten White

2019 Geisel Winner
Holy Crap! The World is Ending!
by Anne-Marie Abell

2019 Chet Recipient


Thank you to all the entrants who submitted!

2019 Finalist


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